Dr. Croom’s Veterinarian Rules For Keeping Pets Safe On Halloween

For humans, Halloween can be a fun day, competing with Thanksgiving Day with respect to the level of adrenaline rush. Families, especially children can have a wonderful time enjoying this festive time. Painfully, the same cannot always be said for your four-legged pets.

If precautions are not taken, Halloween can be a nightmare to pets. A nightmare that may lead to an emergency visit to Dr Croom or your vet. Remember, Halloween and pets are not that compatible.

This is why:

During Halloween, pets are exposed to unusual activities that bring stress. They find the unending ringing of the doorbell odd, uninvited strangers in funny costumes make them bark and meow their lungs out, and large crowds can send the wrong signal to their highly protective brains.

The dangers pets are susceptible to during Halloween are beyond just eating chocolate. This day of the year is spooky, but with the right plan of action, you can keep your pet safe and stress-free.

Here are some guidelines to keeping your pets out of harm’s way during Halloween:

cute French Bulldog in a Pumpkin patch
  • Know That Your Pets Are Never Safe During Halloween

This is beyond just black cats–every one of your pets, regardless of color and size are at risk. If you take pet safety during Halloween seriously, then you need to watch out for your fur babies on Halloween.

Based on holistic veterinarian Dr. Turnera Croom’s recommendation for keeping pets safe during Halloween, “don’t leave your pet alone or vulnerable by allowing them to be used as a holiday prop. Do not provide any opportunity for Halloween pranksters to injure, steal, tease or abuse your pets. Even your own children may need strict rules about how seemingly harmless acts can be deadly.”

As much as black cats are a common symbol of Halloween, these gorgeous felines can do without this label. It’s not a coincidence that animal shelters may reject housing black cats in the build up to Halloween. Pet owners like you are smart for educating yourself on how to protect your beloved animals from the avoidable dangers of Halloween to pets.

  • Never Expose Pets To Any Halloween Treats or Foods

Even if you think your pets are mentally and physically strong enough to handle the Halloween shenanigans, how do you control what they consume during Halloween?

Firstly, you should ensure your furry pumpkin is not fed any actual pumpkin. While fresh pumpkin can be used to calm an upset tummy in the holistic world, on Halloween, make it a point to keep pumpkin seeds, stems, and fruit away from your pets. These parts of the pumpkin can cause a choking hazard, and if mold or toxins are present on the fruit, your pet could become poisoned.

You already know to keep the chocolates away, but what about those pesky wrappers? In addition to possibly causing an intestinal blockage, candy wrappers can have residual toxic chocolate or xylitol, an artificial sweetener found in sugar free candies, that is super toxic to animals.

If your pet is tucked away safely, those pranksters we mentioned earlier won’t have the opportunity to feed your pet something harmful while you are not watching.

four young african american kids dressed in costumes on halloween
Youth enjoying Halloween festivities
  • Nothing Causes More Harm To Pet Safety Than Halloween Decor

You know how you jump every time you walk by one of those Halloween motion detector decorations that sing, dance or make noise? Think about how your pet feels! Loud decorations that move might not be the best choice in a household with an already skittish animal. According to Dr. Croom, “Increases in stress create the same negative results in your pet as they do in the human body. It can decrease the body’s ability to fight off infection and disease.”

Even the more subtle changes in décor, that don’t move but may obstruct their everyday patterns could cause a level of stress that isn’t normally present. Hanging streamers, jailhouse Halloween stickers on the cat litter box, or the plastic skull on the counter can weird your pets out. Make sure to introduce changes in the décor well in advance, and by letting them sniff them and approach them on their own terms. 

  • Don’t Leave Your Pets Without an Identification Tag

If you have followed all of Dr. Croom’s veterinary recommendations for keeping pets safe, keep in mind one more thing:

Never leave your pet without an identification tag at any time during Halloween. The craziness of Halloween can confuse your pets and cause them to run away from home.  Without a tag or microchip, it can be very hard to relocate your pet after the holiday is over.

If you can, consider microchipping your pets to make them easy to find. While the microchips that Dr. Croom provides in her mobile vet service do not have a GPS locater, these types of microchips can still allow your found pet to be identified by scanning them at a local vet, shelter, or any place with a scanner.

  • Be Ready and Prepared

You should have your veterinarian or Dr Croom, (for those in SW Michigan) on speed dial during Halloween. Veterinarians are well aware of what could go wrong with pets during Halloween.

You can get your pets ready for the stressful time of the year for pets by being educated on the potential stress-reducing benefits of Pet CBD.  If you do decide to try CBD, start it several days before Halloween, to help your fur baby remain calm and restful during Halloween.

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