CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats


Perfect for any pet for cases of severe pain or inflammation in your pet.

The Benefits of CBD PET OIL

When Dr. Croom’s clients ask about CBD and whether it can help their pet who may be in pain or distress, this is her response:

“As a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and a Vet who protects her licensure, I never say that CBD “cures” anything. What I can observe and talk about are the results I have seen from my own furry patients. 

I have observed my own brand of hemp-derived CBD, Dr. Croom Army Vet CBD Drops, give relief to my dog and cat patients that are experiencing stress and anxiety. This is probably the #1 reason my clients request the CBD–their dog is high strung and tears up the house during the day, or gets really nervous going in the car.

Another request from several clients that has yielded success is for joint pain in their older/senior cat or dog. Maybe Fluffy is not able to jump up on the bed like she used to, and I have seen CBD give Fluffy a little pep back.

Several of my clients have wanted to know if CBD can help relieve pain associated with tumors and masses. I tell them that since CBD does work on receptors associated with pain and nerve pain, that it’s possible to see some pain relief even if it does not necessarily shrink a mass.

Potential Benefits of CBD


Stress Relief

Inflammation relief

Skin Issues Relief

Anxiety relief

Joint Pain relief

G.I. upset

Common Geriatric pain RELIEF

CBD Oil may be for your pet if

  • You have holistic values and so does your pet
  • Your pet is part of your family
  • You are willing to try an all-natural option that may relieve pain
  • You understand that CBD is not a cure-all, but want to see if it can decrease your pet’s stress levels
  • You’re similar to Dr. Croom and try the holistic way first, while keeping in mind traditional remedies and medicines.

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Dr. Croom Army vet



Dr. Croom Army Vet 250 mg pet CBD drops  $40 All-natural organic CBD oil for dogs and cats is derived from the hemp plant and is 100% thc free. Veterinarian formulated and 3rd party tested, this CBD tincture has been used by many of Dr. Croom’s veterinary patients. Some of the results Dr. Croom has seen with her patients are pain and inflammation relief, as well as stress and anxiety relief. Her geriatric patients, both cats and dogs have shown relief from “old age” aches and pains after using this product.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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