Ms. Ryce's Asea redox supplement

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Ms. Ryce, this holistic supplement called Asea has molecules that cause the diseased or damaged cells it touches, to revert back to their original function. Since your dog has cherry eye in both eyes, you will spray these molecules directly into his eyes 3-5 times daily. It should cool and soothe, in addition to improving the eyes on a cellular level.

You can also soak gauze with a little of the fluid and place over the eyes for several minutes, if you dog will accept this method.

Comes with a small spray bottle.

*These molecules will act on any organic material, so it can be sprayed under the tongue and in the mouth, but you want to do this well after food has been eaten, or molecules will use their energy acting on the food.* The photo of the large bottle is just to show where it's coming from, but the smaller container with the spray bottle is what you will receive.

Really hope this helps your fur baby.

Dr. Croom

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