Nulo Freestyle Cat wet food--Chicken in Chicken broth-12 packets

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This soft chicken in chicken broth is a cat favorite! With only two ingredients, there are no harmful preservatives to hinder your cat's growth. Look below for some of the benefits of this wet food for your cat--recommended by Dr. Croom.

This item contains twelve 2.8 oz packets. Includes shipping.

  • FUEL THEIR INNER ATHLETE: Boost your cat’s diet and fuel their inner athlete with Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free Wet Cat Food! Our limited-ingredient cat food pouches contain only chicken and chicken broth for a healthy side dish or snack.
  • SUPPORT LEAN MUSCLES: Make sure your feline friend is always happy and healthy with our animal-based, high-protein wet kitten food and senior cat food. Our exclusive, high-quality formula features amino acids to support muscle mass and heart health.
  • UNBEATABLE HYDRATION: Enhanced with a natural, delicious broth with shredded chicken, our moist cat food will help keep your cat hydrated all day long. This can help maintain digestive health, urinary health and circulation.
  • THE PERFECT SUPPLEMENT: This cat food is the perfect, complementary addition to any well-balanced diet to help keep your cat happy and healthy. Serve it as a high-protein side dish, kibble enhancer or delicious snack your cat will love!
  • HEALTHY, NATURAL CAT FOOD: We know how important it is to ensure your cat has the best. Our cat pouches are completely free of gums, tapioca, potato starch, grains and additives so that you can be sure you are feeding your cat only what they need.
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