Shen Calmer--chinese herb

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Shen Calmer is an extraordinary Chinese herb that Dr. Croom uses in her holistic Vet practice often. It's great for dogs and cats with severe separation anxiety, nervousness before going to the Vet or to a grooming appointment.

If your dog gets nervous around other dogs or people, this herb can help to retrain the brain to be calmer overall if given daily. This comes in powder form, and you will sprinkle half a teaspoon or more on your pet's food twice daily, based on their size.

Dr. Croom uses this herb for her cattle dog, Mio, when she cannot take Mio with her on mobile Vet visits. It has worked extremely well to allow your pet to relax more easily, and be comfortable with not being anxious.

This product comes with 100 grams of powder, and dosage recommends 0.5 grams per 20 pounds. So this can last quite a while even for a larger pet.

As with any holistic product, start small and go up, and if your pet experiences any diarrhea or vomiting, discontinue use or decrease to a smaller dosage.

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