Video Veterinary Appointment, 1 Pet (For NEW CLIENT)--20 minutes

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You are in the right place for a 20 minute Video Veterinary Appointment with Dr. Croom, Army Vet!

This option is for BRAND NEW CLIENTS of Dr. Croom. If your pet has NOT been seen by Dr. Croom before, this is the correct option.

The Video Vet Appointment is for Michigan residents only, but anyone can purchase Dr. Croom's pet CBD here in the store.

The Video Vet Appointment is perfect if you need a consultation for your pet's minor ailment, and it is not for emergencies. Video appointments work well if your pet needs a prescription medication like flea and tick, because an examination is required by a vet, and the Video appointment is that exam!

Since Dr. Croom is a holistic Veterinarian, after your Video Vet Exam, you will have full access to her supply of healing Chinese herbs, useful for seizures, hyperthyroidism, arthritis, and many other ailments.

If your family needs a bit of help deciding if your pet is nearing the Rainbow bridge, the Video Vet Appointment will help you decide if there are some holistic options, or if a Last Wishes service with Dr. Croom may be in the future.

If your pet has an issue that needs a medication or antibiotic, based on our Video Vet exam, Dr. Croom will place a prescription for you into her online pharmacy, and you will receive an email where you can pay for it. Your prescription will be mailed directly to your home.

Go ahead and 1) PURCHASE YOUR APPOINTMENT here, then 2) fill out the APPOINTMENT REQUEST on the website and you will receive a phone call as to when your Video Vet consult can be scheduled.

*In order to use this service, please use the app called "Zoom" . This is very easy to download if you do not already have it. Here is the link for that: https://zoom.us/ **

*Once you have paid for your Video Vet Appointment, and filled out the Appointment request here on the site, you will receive a digital consent form that must be signed prior to the appointment**

Dr. Croom looks forward to seeing you and your pet on video!

**If you have an emergency, where your pet is having issues breathing, or bleeding out, contact your local emergency vet hospital, at the following number:

VCA Emergency Hospital in Kalamazoo. (269) 312-7072

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