Video Veterinary Appointment for Two Pets

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You are in the right place for a 30 minute Video Veterinary Appointment FOR 2 PETS with prescription authority from Dr. Croom.

The Video Vet Appointment For Multiple Pets is great for those times where you have two pets that need a check-up, or need flea and tick or potentially heartworm meds. Each pet will have about 15 minutes apiece.

Once you purchase your appointment here, go ahead and fill out the appointment request on the website and you will receive a phone call as to when your Video Vet consult can be scheduled.

*In order to use this service, please use the app called "Zoom" and this is very easy to download if you do not already have it. Here is the link for that: https://zoom.us/ ** The Zoom video will allow me to record our visit, and send you a copy to keep to refer to.

*Once you have paid for your Video Vet Appointment, and filled out the Appointment request here on the site, you will receive a digital consent form that must be signed prior to the appointment**

This product includes: 30 minute Video Vet Appointment with Dr. Croom and prescription authority from Dr. Croom, which is required in the state of Michigan.

**The cost of the antibiotic will be a separate charge that you will pay directly to Dr. Croom's online pharmacy once you receive the prescription in your email**

Ideally Dr. Croom would be examining your pets in person, but during this Coronavirus epidemic, she believes the smart thing to do is examine your pets from afar. This way your family and Dr. Croom stay safe.

Can't wait to see you and your pets on video!

Dr. Croom

**If you have an emergency, where your pet is having issues breathing, or bleeding out, contact your local emergency vet hospital. In Kalamazoo, that is VCA Emergency Hospital (269) 312-7072. They are located at 104 W. Cork Street in Kalamazoo.**

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