Don’t need a full in Home appointment? Trying to keep Coronavirus out of your home?

You are in the right place for either a 20 minute Video Vet Exam and Consult or a 30 minute Video Vet Exam with Prescription! 

Video Vet Appointments are great for:

Minor Issues You want Dr. Croom to look at:

Limping Dog-do you need an X-ray?

Bird with respiratory issues

Cat with Infected wound or Area

Skin Irritations/bumps

Non Emergency situations

Once you purchase your Video Vet appointment from our  Store, go ahead and fill out the appointment request under APPOINTMENTS tab. You will receive a confirmation email and a digital consent form, then we’ll set you up with a time for Dr. Croom to check out your pet by video!

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Monday - Sunday  9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

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